Home is where Bliss is 
Soft as your pillow
Collecting full thimbles
Your distance is a void
A voice crying in the desert
Difficult but all yours #2
Let me tell you something, Walter
Difficult but all yours
Bye Bye Infinito

Your distance is a void
performance [ca. 5 min.]

sculpture [paper, wood, cables, 42 x 120 x 250 cm],
poem [Your distance is a void]

Internet Psychoanalysis, Live In Your Head,
Geneva (CH), 2018 

‘Collecting full thimbles’ is a poem performed on a red hand made wooden ball. The poem ushers a message to all spectators, but information is happening too fast to take in while being constantly distracted.

dot dot dot come closer oh hi jack I have nothing important to tell you but listen carefully to your cloud is constantly reporting days when the sky is a sea of darkness traveling through space invaders taking over a warm place of compiled landscapes though very organized and imagining families preferably in the iridescent cloud thinks it is anonymously juggling with your choices are being made for visibility in your market’s facade I know you twice double u and I have amputated memories of our homepage and if I ever followed your mother is stalking anybodyness whateverness necessity to cut and paste time while swimming through a permanently open source relocated in the bigger picture by another avatar trying to empty the ocean with a thimble preventing from swiping used to be difficult but all yours is everybody’s consuming the basics they were never taught in school I wore a green suit to look like a garden you need everlasting flowers in your framework to carry the emotional labour shared with each other’s key members remember their pass word mirrors the social facts on a white underground unsafe underneath an umbrella of generalized expectations I hope we could still be friends