During the past few years I have immersed myself in a text-based performative practice. Through conceptualizing symbolics and over-saturation I emphasize on the staging of identities. Attentional props and strategies have been functioning as distracting handholds and have created a commonplace for alienation. The visual aspect is characterized by scaling and rescaling our surroundings, both of the physical and virtual reality, seeking for a meaningful in-between. With a wry sense of humor and play I examine themes of essence and appearance, repositioning the borderline of hijacked objects and subjects. These questions have had sculptural and digital outcomes, while my more recent work also includes the body through scenographic interventions allowing me to explore and accentuate these relations on a more narrating and inclusive platform.

Besides approaching physical bodies and objects in a digital way, I commenced a writing practice that plays with the intertwining of languages in both virtual and physical realities, in order to deconstruct and question linguistic habits. I named this a clickbait risomatic writing method. In the context of my Master theses, Ha ha ha, I researched how physical bodies move while interacting with their absent friends and acquaintances using examples from popular culture, and whether this chasm of the virtual and actual world is growing towards split personality and thus behavior.